You Need to Know How to Drink Water for Dogs and Cats to Ensure Their Health.

Most owners of dogs and cats care about the nutritional ration of food, the type of food and how to feed them …, very few people pay attention to the drinking water and how to give dogs and cats how to drink water. However, water also plays a very important role for dogs and cats, just like the role of water for our bodies. So, how to give cats water properly to ensure their nutritional ability? Read the article below for an answer!

You Need to Know How to Drink Water for Dogs and Cats to Ensure Their Health.

1. What is the role of water with cats and dogs?

Scientists recommend: “Water makes up 80% of the pet’s body. Let them drink water! ”. So give them water regularly to boost their metabolism.

2. What is the water from dog and cat foods?

Prepared dry foods (seeds): 10% moisture

Prepared moist foods (seeds): 40-50% moisture

Canned food: humidity 75-85%

Vegetables, tubers, fruits: 50-70% water.

As you can see, only through food, dogs and cats can not get enough water for the metabolism of the body. Especially dry foods will cause kidney and urinary infections if not enough water to drink.

3. Can people drink dog and cat drinks?

You Need to Know How to Drink Water for Dogs and Cats to Ensure Their Health.

– Cool boiled water has destroyed many bacteria and toxic substances but also changed the natural structure of water, losing oxygen and some trace elements that are very necessary for the body. Therefore, cool boiled water is not the most ideal drink for dogs and cats.

– Mineral water: Unfortunately, although mineral water (real mineral water) provides the body with essential minerals, there are also salts and mixtures that dogs and cats cannot use. Mineral salts will concentrate in the muscles, joints, for a long time cause deformation, reduce mobility and the components in water that can cause deposits, grit, kidney stones, urinary … especially for dogs, old cat.

– Carbonated water, fresh water of people: It may be refreshments and people’s hobbies, but with dogs and cats, they will not like these drinks because of their strange taste.

4. What kind of water is suitable for cats and dogs?

The best water for dogs and cats is naturally clean water, possibly rainwater, from a tap water because there are not many dangerous microorganisms. It is not necessary to boil like human water.

5. How to give dogs and cats water?

– It is best to meet the needs of drinking water. Water is available everywhere so cats and dogs can conveniently drink it when needed.

– Do not give your cat water of unknown supplies.