How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

By | August 14, 2019

In this modern world, many people require a best companion pet and most of them tend to have pets based on their wish. When it comes to pet grow, people would have several options such as cats, puppies, rabbits and many more. Among all guinea pigs are widely preferred pet by most of the people and it is mainly because the guinea pets are easy to maintain. Moreover, the guinea pigs is the best choice for having a warm feel filled with lots of love and do not need much attention in constant manner. for all these reasons people tends to have guinea pigs as their pet but in reality most of the people would find some difficulties in growing guinea pigs whether they are happy or not. Whenever people tend to have pets it is important to check whether they are healthy, happier and comfortable to live in place.

However guinea pigs do not require attention in frequent manner it is also necessary to look to their feelings and health which most of the people fail to do.


Like humans the guinea pets also have feelings when they are left alone for long time then they would get depressed. Thus whenever people have guinea pets it is necessary to take care of them properly to have precious pets.

Tips to make guinea pigs happy:

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

In common people would prefer to have guinea pigs as their pets but most of them do not aware how to make them happy and grow them in healthy way. Once if you welcome the guinea pigs into your home as your companion pet then it is more important to take care of all their necessities and take care of them. On other hand pets do not need you just for healthy food but also they need warm care, safe shelter and best companionship when all these provided to your guinea pigs then they would be happy with you. But most of the time people do not know how to provide all these in proper way to make pets happier especially when you are new owner of guinea pigs to make easy for those people here are some tips listed below.

  • show lot of attention to pet
  • provide healthy food
  • keep the cage and pets place clean
  • have frequent play with pet

Show lot of attention to pet:

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

the guinea pigs are little cute animal that loves to be with company of guinea pigs always so whenever people tends to get guinea pigs as a pet then it is better to buy as two in number. Because guinea pigs would have company with each other but this could be done only when pet shop has maximum numbers of guinea pigs. thus if the guinea pigs are alone there are more chances for getting depressed so people need to show more attention to them if not people can get best guinea pig toys to pamper them as if there is a companion available.

Provide healthy food:

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

The guinea pig happiness is depends on their diet too, so it is important to provide healthy foods to guinea pigs in balanced manner. While doing so it helps lot pet to have good health and happy mood so people can provide fresh fruits rich in vitamin C, celery, carrots, cucumber, peas, spinach, tomatoes and vegetables. While you provide hay ensure that it is compressed well only then it would not injure the pet.

 Keep the cage and pet place clean:

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

The guinea pets should always tends to have larger place to live so people should make sure that they can larger spaced cages. It is because mostly all pets would love to move around lot similarly guinea pets also move around lot, play with companion, food bowl, toys and bowl for drinking water. Apart from more spacious cleanliness is more essential thus people should remove all left over foods, wastes and replace the water bowl frequently.

Have frequent play with pet

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy?

Guinea pigs will be happy when they play and run here and there, moreover that remains to be a enjoying moments for the guinea pets. People need to play guinea favorite games such as tunnels, tubes, decorative and many. Guinea pets really love to run through tunnels so people should play with their pets in frequent manner to make them happy.

Likewise the guinea pigs are little, delicate, sensitive animal so if people wish to make them happy then they should avoid strangers to handle them as they are frightened highly by strangers.